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Awesome Slide Show from November 2011 Course

International Attendees
In addition to hundreds of doctors from the USA, it has been an honor and a pleasure to train physicians from many six continents and we thank them for the effort to visit our office and home.

March 2022


                                                                                                  International Doctors

March 2021  Virtual Workshop Only Due to Covid

March 2019

                                                                                                                                                    What a great group of docs

                                                                         International students in top row, welcome Venezuela and Romania Special thanks to oculoplastic surgeons front row from left to right Dr. Soheila Rostami, Dr. Julie Woodward, Dr. Brad Lemke and Dr. Nicole Langelier for their assistance.

Scene from one of the live surgery cases

September 2018



International students at our September 2014 workshop from left to right.  Dr. Ron Lemckert (Canada), Dr. Devin Lung (Canada), , Dr. Jose Hector Uribe Amador (Mexico) Dr. Areli Gonzalez Aguilar (Mexico), Dr. George Perez Course CO-Director, Dr.  Niamtu,  Dr. Shohreh Ghasemi (Iran), Dr. Sergio Olate (Chile)

International attendees from March 2014 course

In November 2010 we were honored to have docs from Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, St. Lucia, Canada, Japan, and India.


The following images are taken from selected previous courses

September 2017

International Attendees 9-17

Dr. Niamtu teaching fillers

Dr. Niamtu lectures on facelift

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Julie Woodward lectures on blepharoplasty

August 2016

March 2016



March 2014
The March gang with course guest lecturer B. Chance, MD facial plastic surgeon


September 2013

Dr. Niamtu discusses previous days patient with attendees.  This patient underwent facelift, browlift, upper and lower eyelids, cheek and chin implants and full face laser resurfacing.

Facial Plastic Surgeon Mike Nayak from St. Louis and Plastic Surgeon Donald Rowland from New York City and Dr. Niamtu at course after party.

March 2013

Thanks to Christine Rausch, MD and Jose Salas, MD (Mexico) for their lecture contributions.

We were honored to have international guests from India, United Kingdom, Australia, Iraq, Greece and Mexico at our March 2013 course

November 2012
Thanks for all the docs from the USA plus Chile and Argentina and Hawaii (still the USA but pretty far to come!)

Dr. Carlos Soto from Argentina, April Dr. Niamtu and Dr. Marcelo Sarzosa from Chile

Lumenis IPL demonstrations at the November 2012 Course

March 2012   (We thank our doctors from Saudi Arabia and Singapore that traveled to Richmond for our course).  Specialties included Oculoplastic Surgery, Ophthalmologyl, Dermatology, Oral & Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery.


November 2011
International doctors November 2011

March 2011
Surgeons from 5 countries and all over the USA (and the best surgical staff in the world!)
Plastic Surgeons Maurizio Cananzi from Italy and Bjorn Hokland from Norway

Surgeons from Costa Rica, Spain, Norway and Kuwait
The operating room, round table marketing and practice management discussions and breakout procedure sessions

November 2010

Our largest course ever………31 docs from 6 countries and all over the USA

February 2010 Ultimate Cosmetic Facial Surgery Course

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Special thanks to Julie Woodward, MD, Chair of Oculoplastic Surgery Duke University (front row).

April 2009 Minimally Invasive Course
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Dermatologists Brent Spencer & Joe Francis


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May 2008

International Attendees Plastic Surgeon Adrian Alexandru and Dermatologist Adina Alexandru from Bucharest Romania

Romanian doctors doing their first “shotski”

Oculoplastic Surgeons Dr. Suzanne Freitag from Boston and Jack Zamora form Denver.
June 2008
Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Facial Surgery Course
October 2008 Course


October 2008 Course Attendees                        International Students

The famous “shotski”
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February 2008
February 2007

October 2006

February 2006

October 2005

May 2005

February 2005

November 2004


May 2004


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