The right surgeon for the job…

I traveled from the West coast to have my surgery performed by Dr. Niamtu. Though I had never met him in person, I felt that he was the right surgeon for the job. I sent photographs to his website He viewed them personally and called to discuss my expectations. He even suggested that I wait on surgery unless I was particularly distressed by my appearance. He NEVER pressured me into surgery. I flew to Virginia and had an informative conversation with him and again he asked if I was sure about surgery. I was and I am extremely satisfied because he took no shortcuts. His technique is meticulous and exacting. I live 20 minutes from the cosmetic surgery capital (California) yet I feel I choose the best surgeon for my needs. Interestingly enough my husband who accompanied me on the trip said he didn't like Dr. Niamtu (said he was full of himself) after the consultation his whole attitude changed. Dr. Niamtu was humble, gracious, informative and set everyone at ease.

- Anonymous

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