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The Roller Coaster of Facelift and Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

In this video, Dr. Niamtu discusses the up and downs of facelift and cosmetic surgery recovery. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit   Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia

The 10 Most Common Complaints During Facelift Recovery

These are common complaints that will improve or resolve over the first days or weeks of recovery.  

Facelift Recovery: How Will Look and Feel after my Facelift?

Dr. Niamtu discusses facelift recovery and interviews numerous female and male patients at various intervals after their facelift. Patients are interviewed and their healing shown from 24 hours to 6 weeks after face and neck lift surgery (and other simultaneous facial procedures). For more information about cosmetic facial surgery or face and neck lift by […]