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Evolence: A New Breed of Fillers


Recently, new wrinkle filler called Evolence has been getting a lot of attention, especially after Demi Moore and other Hollywood types have admitted using it.

This is an exciting time in cosmetic surgery as many new and effective products have become available.  As the minimally invasive revolution continues, patients find it difficult to take precious time away from work or play and want significant lasting results with minor recovery.  Enter Evolence!

Evolence is new to the United States after recent FDA approval, but is the number one filler in Israel and has been used outside of the US for ten years.

What sets Evolence apart from other wrinkle fillers is its unique collagen composition.  While most of the other popular fillers are made of synthetic substances, Evolence is the first all natural filler.  It is made from porcine tendon which has the closest structure to human collagen and has been used for decades in heart valves, skin grafts and other medical and surgical products.  Although collagen fillers are not new, they fell out of favor due to two things.  One was that patients were allergic to the older bovine collagen fillers.  Evolence has a unique proprietary process of removing the allergic components of collagen and no allergy testing is required!  This is a huge and new step for injectable collagen fillers.  The other drawback of previous collagen fillers was that although they did a good job, they simply did not last.  Evolence has a patented Glymatrix technology which is a sophisticated cross linking process that extends the length of the filler for up to or over a year.  I can speak personally to this filler.  I was chosen to be one of the teaching staff for Evolence and attended an injection training session in January of 2008 in the Cayman Islands.  The meeting was off shore as new fillers that are not FDA approved cannot be injected on US soil.  The instructors were offered free filler, so I had my smile lines injected.  As I type this blog entry it is exactly one year later and my filler is still present.

The main difference between Evolence (the new collagen) and other fillers is that Evolence actually becomes part of your tissue.  It is collagen and is designed to replace the collagen we lose due to aging.  When injected, instead of being recognized as a foreign body (like most fillers) it is recognized as collagen and the body integrates it into the natural surrounding tissue and even grows blood vessels into it.  It also causes the body to produce some new collagen which can add to the result.  Pretty cool.

Perhaps the biggest advantages of Evolence is the fact that since collagen has many special properties, there is less swelling, pain and bruising with Evolence.  It is great for the patient who wants treated but has a big party in several days.

Right now Evolence is only FDA approved for the nasolabial folds (smile lines) but an new product called Evolence Breeze will be available for lip injections and is used very successfully in other countries.

Since new fillers seem to come and go every month (Artefil went out of business last in December 2008 ) it is critical for surgeons and patients to critically evaluate all new products before recommending them to patients.  Having had Evolence treatment on my own smile lines as well as using it on my patients, I can say that this product is a welcome addition to the armamentarium of cosmetic surgery providers that utilize injectable wrinkle fillers on their patients.  To find out more about Evolence visit and for more information about cosmetic facial surgery by Dr. Niamtu in Richmond, Virginia visit


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