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Merz European Expert Injector Summit: Berlin, Germany

Some of the “crew” at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

I am writing this blog flying back across the Atlantic Ocean after attending the Merz European Injector Expert Summit in Berlin, Germany.  This was a great meeting and also the first time in years that I traveled internationally and did not have to work on a lecture.  It was a strange feeling not to be ramming through PowerPoint for numerous talks.  So, I actually got a lot of catch up work done including working on some articles and before and after pictures that were stacking up

I was honored to be part of the American contingency of well-known aesthetic experts from dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, and other specialties.  You can’t hang around with the likes of dermatologists Mario Bussa, Oscar Hevia, Derek Jones, Heidi Waldorf, Phil Werschler, Tina Funt, Rhoda Narins, facial plastic surgeons  Amir Moradi, Steven H. Dayan, Timothy C. Flynn, and plastic surgeons  Paul Lorenc, Brian Kinney, David Funt and Michael Kane and not learn something.  Keeping this group together and on track from Merz Aesthetics were Dennis Condon, Brian Pilcher, Jennifer Redmond and Wendy Johnson.  These people are the ultimate professionals and their knowledge of fillers and neurotoxins is amazing.  Besides this, they all have shining personalities.

The fellowship was awesome and again, you can’t hang out with a group of master injectors like this and not come back without pearls.  One great highlight was having the unique opportunity to tour the Merz plant where the neurotoxin Xeomin is produced.  The efficiency, sterility and automation of this facility was unbelievable and everyone that completed this tour now understands neurotoxins a little better.  In addition, we had the opportunity to learn more about the Merz company and their century of innovation.

A pleasant surprise that occurred on the trip was the announcement by the FDA that Belotero has received approval.  This now gives doctors and patients a new option for treating superficial wrinkles and the tear trough region.  Due to the unique arrangement of the filler particles in Belotero, it is well suited for superficial injection in the tear trough region without worrying about creating the bluish coloration under the skin knows as the Tyndall Effect.

The academic presentations were all high tech and it was very interesting seeing experts from all over the world discuss their means of treating aging with Xeomin, Radiesse and Belotero.  Although there was good spirited discussion and disagreement (what do you expect from a group of world experts), I was impressed that injection is pretty much approached the same all around the world.   The live injection sessions were particularly interesting as any injector will always admit that he or she learns something (good or bad) by watching other experts inject.

Berlin is a beautiful city and we all (as a group) had the ability to visit several world class museums and drink some world class beer!  I can’t think of the last time I packed so much learning and fun in over a 4 day period.  Sitting in yet another airport, can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and operate and inject.

Like all meetings, the meeting was as good as the people you met and to that end, this meeting was priceless.

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