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Tell Me About Belotero, the Newest Injectable Filler

Belotero is the newest FDA injectable filler available in the USA.  It has been used for years in Europe with excellent patient satisfaction and safety margin.  This filler is unique in several ways.  Most notably, it is made with a dual cross linking process that gives it some of its unique properties.  The biggest advantage with Belotero is that it can be injected very superficially for fine lines and wrinkles.  This is important as many other fillers are too thick (honey like) to be injected in the very superficial dermis and when this is done, it can leave a thickened line.  Belotero, on the other hand is engineered specifically for superficial injection.  I must say that when I began using it for fine lines and wrinkles it was hard to believe how superficial it could be injected.  Having said that, it can also be used like conventional fillers for deep wrinkles and lips.  I think the biggest innovation is that the company states that due to the Belotero’s particle properties, it does not cause a Tyndall effect when injecting in the tear trough region.  The Tyndall effect (in this case) is when a clear product is injected under the skin and produces a bluish hue due to the way the light is reflected.  Although harmless, it produces dusky skin that can make a patient look older, as in dark circles.  To avoid this, most fillers are injected deep on the bone in the tear trough region.  Belotero, however, due to its unique composition, can be injected much more superficially which gives the doctor more control of improving wrinkles and rejuvenating this region.  I have been using Belotero and so far have found it to live up to the claims of the company.  I will keep my blog updated on this topic.

Click here to see a video of Dr. Niamtu injecting Belotero.

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