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Anti-Stick Solution for Electrosurgical Instruments

This blog is obviously aimed at surgeons and discusses the prevention of char debris and improved ergonomics when using electrosurgical and cauterization devices. Dor more information about cosmetic facial surgery by Dr. Joe Niamtu visit

Kybella: Lose your double chin without surgery

This month a drug called Kybella was approved by the FDA as the first and only non-surgical means of treating isolated fat deposits under the chin.  I recently returned from Kybella training in Miami and I am proud to be one of the first trainers in Virginia.  This video explains everything you wanted to know […]

Technology Review: AccuVein imaging device to view veins

I love new technology and regularly perform technology reviews.  The AccuVein device is a neat little hand held bundle of technology that shows superficial veins.  The device uses visible and invisible laser light to show the veins under the skin.  It has a big “cool factor” as it looks magic that the veins seem to […]

Neotensil: The new breakthrough in noninvasive eyelid rejuvenation

As one of the first offices in the country to get the early release of Neotensil we are happy to introduce this new and exciting technology to Richmond.  Remember when you were a kid and put glue or rubber cement on your skin and it tightened up?  Well, this is a much more advanced technology […]

Laser Video Sampler by Dr. Joe Niamtu, III

Lasers are a big part of our practice and this is a subject that I lecture, teach and publish on frequently.  Patients frequently ask about what procedures can be performed with laser technology.  This video shows a partial sample of common laser procedures and some selected before and after  pictures of laser treatment.   For […]

Voluma, the Only FDA Approved Cheek Filler Now Available from Dr. Joe Niamtu

Voluma, the Only FDA Approved Cheek Filler Now Available from Dr. Joe Niamtu There has been a lot of buzz about Voluma, the newest filler to hit the U.S. market.  This filler is special because no other filler is FDA approved solely for cheek augmentation. There are numerous options to rejuvenate the midface including cheek […]

Juvederm Voluma- the Newest FDA Approved Cheek Filler is Here Soon!

Our European and Canadian colleagues have known a secret for cheek augmentation for the last several years that will soon hit our county with the newest FDA approved filler Voluma from Allergan.  I just returned from Toronto as a member of the Allergan Voluma Advisory board with about 50 other multispecialists from around the United […]

Cosmetic Surgery: The Next Big Thing!

The following is an article from the April edition of Modern Aesthetics Magazine by Dr. Niamtu The Next Big Thing: How To Spot It and Avoid the Imitators A true TNBT can enhance our business from a financial and clinical standpoint. A fake can have dire effects on patient trust and long-term success. By: Joe […]

Non Surgical Brow Lift with Botox and/or Fillers

Surgical brow lifting is one of my favorite procedures and is the only true way to treat moderate to severe upper facial aging in a natural and lasting manner. I perform this surgery endoscopically and in a “mini open” technique as well. Many patients do not require surgical brow lift and can benefit from injectable, […]

Dear Dr. Joe what can I do about these wrinkles?

From time to time I get a question that I think would make good blog fodder as it both asks and answers a relevant question concerning cosmetic facial surgery.  Recently, I had a written question: Dr. Joe, I have had Thermage, Ultherapy, and Fraxel performed on my face and lower eyelid skin to improve sagging […]