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Neotensil: The new breakthrough in noninvasive eyelid rejuvenation

As one of the first offices in the country to get the early release of Neotensil we are happy to introduce this new and exciting technology to Richmond.  Remember when you were a kid and put glue or rubber cement on your skin and it tightened up?  Well, this is a much more advanced technology but involves applying an invisible liquid film to the lower eyelid skin.  Within an hour, the film tightens up and truly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and bags.  This is not some drugstore or TV hype cream, but a breakthrough technology from my friend Dr. Rox Anderson at Harvard University.  It is not magic as it is temporary and lasts up to 16 hours.  The price for the product factors out at $10 per day and does not have to be used daily.  Some patients will only use it for social engagements, etc.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of my favorite procedures and Neotensil will not replace lower lid surgery, but rather is a therapy for those who are not ready for surgery or for some reason are not surgical candidates.


Living Proof® Neotensil™ daily under-eye  reshaping procedure is the only noninvasive solution that reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, within an hour.1,*  Brought to you exclusively by Obagi Medical Products.


Powered by patented Strateris® technology, Neotensil dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles with a cross-linked, invisible film.1,2,*,†

Neotensil is the first at-home, noninvasive solution that:

  • Visibly compresses and supports the under-eye area
  • Offers incredible lower-lid aesthetic benefits that last 16 hours3,‡
  • Provides superior barrier protection and 24-hour hydration1,4,*,§

The comprehensive system includes everything needed to address eye-area concerns:

  • Skin Prep Towelettes to cleanse the under-eye area in preparation for application
  • Reshaping Tool to ensure smooth, consistent layers of the products for best results
  • Reshaping Base and Activating Layer, which work together to form the cross-linked, supportive, invisible film
  • Remover and Remover Pads to gently and efficiently remove Neotensil

The Neotensil Under-Eye Coverage SPF 15 and Brush set will be available in April as a separate purchase for patients who prefer extra coverage.


*Study results for once-daily application of Neotensil in a 2-week pilot study; N=25.

†Study results for one application of Neotensil in a multi-site pre-commercialization study; N=96.

‡Study results for one application of Neotensil in a 16-hour durability study; N=28.

§Study results for one application of Neotensil in a 24-hour skin barrier function study; N=22.

References: 1. Kauvar A, Kilmer S, Ross EV, et al. A pilot study of a novel non-invasive topical under-eye contouring technology. Poster presented at: 71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology; March 1–5, 2013; Miami, FL. 2. Day D, Dayan S, Draelos Z, Farris P, Jones D, Investigators. Neotensil™ precommercialization study. Living Proof study protocols SPP-001 and SPP-002. Data on file, Living Proof, Inc. 3. Draelos ZD, Investigator. Strateris 16-hour durability study, DCS-105-13. Data on file, Living Proof, Inc. 4. Grove GL, Principal Investigator. Research report S13-05: barrier function of Strateris™ on dry skin. Data on file, Living Proof, Inc.

Neotensil, Strateris, and Living Proof are trademarks of Living Proof, Inc. used under license.

Except as otherwise indicated, all other product names, slogans and other marks are trademarks of the Valeant family of companies. Distributed by OMP, Inc.

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