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Voluma, the Only FDA Approved Cheek Filler Now Available from Dr. Joe Niamtu

Voluma, the Only FDA Approved Cheek Filler Now Available from Dr. Joe Niamtu

There has been a lot of buzz about Voluma, the newest filler to hit the U.S. market.  This filler is special because no other filler is FDA approved solely for cheek augmentation.

There are numerous options to rejuvenate the midface including cheek implants, fat and filler injection.  Previous fillers were sometimes not thick enough to lift the midface and did not last as long as patients desired.  Allergan has done studies showing Voluma lasting up to 2 years when injected into the cheek area.  This is in part to the new Vycross cross-linking technology associated with this filler.

We are excited to add Voluma to our family of products for midface rejuvenation.  Patients begin to lose their youthful cheek volume in the late third decade and adding a small amount of filler to plump the cheeks is one of the best kept secrets in looking younger.  Contemporary cosmetic facial surgeons fully appreciate the importance of the power of youthful midface.

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