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Dr. Niamtu Featured on CBS Discussing bullied Children and Cosmetic Surgery

For over 30 years Dr. Niamtu has provided surgery for children with facial deformities (and at no cost for low income families).  Recently there has been an uptick in children having cosmetic facial procedures due to bullying.  This was recently and tragically highlighted by the suicide of a Florida child who was a victim of online bullying.

Children teasing other children about facial deformities has and will always occur, but in this digital world, it can be taken to new levels.  Fortunately, our society has become more sensitive to this issue and bullying (cyber or otherwise) is a subject of sensitivity learning.

Cosmetic surgery on children may sound like a taboo topic, but children with protruding ears, birthmarks, nasal deformities, moles, etc. can be incessantly teased and bullied by their young peers.  This can seriously affect self-confidence and body image for the rest of the child’s life and many child psychologists agree that reasonable cosmetic changes can enhance a child’s well-being.

Hopefully the younger generations will be taught that teasing anyone about physical or mental disability is hurtful and should never be done.  All parents have the obligation to pass this sensitivity onto their children.


Dr. Niamtu discusses one of his most lovable patients who was teased and bullied over a large mole on her chin.


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