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The Sensitive Subject of Bullying and Childhood Cosmetic Surgery

A local news story about a adolescent who was bullied about her protruding ears has expanded into the national and international media.  This story about Dr. Niamtu correcting the protruding ears of a young patient has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Inside Edition, The Talk on CBS, The New Your Post, The London Daily Mail, Bild (Germany’s largest daily newspaper) and I have had numerous interviews from as far away as Australia.

This subject is sensitive on several levels, namely the damaging effects of bullying and the question “should children undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery?  The response has been very overwhelmingly positive for doing this type of procedure on children to prevent negative body image or self-confidence issues from bullying.  There have also been critical responses stating that everyone should merely love themselves.  Although I respect the views of everyone, I have seen the negative effects of bullying for facial deformities on both patients and their families and I don’t think this is any different than children having orthodontics to correct crooked teeth.

It has truly been my honor, and that of my awesome staff to assist this family and many others over the years in this manner.

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