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Dr. Niamtu on NBC; Botox Turns 10 Years Old

10 years ago, a revolutionary new cosmetic treatment became available that would change cosmetic surgery forever.  Botox cosmetic was FDA approved to treat frown lines in April of 2002 but has been used 6-7 years before that by me and many other doctors.  Botox represented a paradigm shift,  as previous to this, there was no simple treatment to treat these lines and wrinkles and the procedures that were available were sometimes worse than the wrinkles!  For the first time ever, patients could have a one minute procedure and have their lines and wrinkles improved for 3-4 months.  Botox cosmetic injection has become the most common physician administered cosmetic treatment in the world and has been approved to treat numerous medical and cosmetic conditions in 85 countries.  There have been over 11 million Botox treatments in the USA since 2002.

When first introduced, many were concerned about this new “pretty poison”, but the 20 year safety record of Botox Cosmetic has shown this drug to be safe and effective.  Although once secretive about their treatments, having Botox Cosmetic injections has become common cosmetic maintenance.  The average Botox patient is a 40’ish female with advanced education although my experience has shown men and women from all walks of life having and appreciating the effects of Botox Cosmetic.

I have been honored to teach for Allergan since the Botox clinical trials and I have taught and injected Botox on several continents.  I am also pr0ud to be a Diamond Level Botox user and our usage is in the top 1% of all doctors in the USA.  I am also proud to say that I have personally injected 100% of my Botox and filler patients.  Many doctors delegate this to nurses or other personnel.

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