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Cosmetic Facial Surgery and Recovery

Recovery after cosmetic facial surgery (like any surgery) is extremely variable. Some patients breeze through it and others get the wind knocked out of their sails.  There is really no predicting how one patient will recover versus another.  I have had extremely fit 40 year old triathletes that were sore, swollen, bruised and lethargic after surgery while a 72 year old smoker with minor diabetes looked and felt great after surgery.  Healing is simply variable between patients, sometimes even twins.  I tell my patients that I can discuss with accuracy, incisions, procedures, sutures, medications, anesthesia, etc., but I am at a total loss to predict how one person will heal versus another.

The video below shows one of our favorite patients 24 hours after undergoing comprehensive facelift, eyelid surgery and full face comprehensive CO2 laser resurfacing.  This is a great patient and a great example of someone with an accelerated recovery.

Although there is not a lot that can be done to control the recovery process, patients can improve the experience by reading all of our information and understanding what will happen and how to take care of it.  If you understand and expect the situation, you will be better prepared.  Having all your healing creams and prescriptions and understanding what to do when is also huge.  Family support is paramount and patients need physical and emotional support.

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