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Facelift & Cosmetic Surgery Recovery: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Although the surgeon is most frequently credited with the success or failure of a cosmetic case, in reality the patient can have a lot to do with the result.  Doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things can make a big difference in ease of your experience and your final result.  The video below […]

Choosing a Caregiver for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a big one and involves much planning on the part of the surgeon’s office and patient life.  It is not a decision to rush into and experience has shown that patients that rush into surgery without the proper planning and details have more problems than patients that think […]

Cosmetic Facial Surgery and Recovery

Recovery after cosmetic facial surgery (like any surgery) is extremely variable. Some patients breeze through it and others get the wind knocked out of their sails.  There is really no predicting how one patient will recover versus another.  I have had extremely fit 40 year old triathletes that were sore, swollen, bruised and lethargic after […]