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Three “L’s” and a “C”

Every day, all day, I have pretty much the same conversation, mostly with women (but increasingly with men) about facial aging and methods of correction.  Since we are all the same species, we all pretty age in a similar manner.  Genetics and lifestyle definitely influence our aging, but for the most part, I can predict what aging changes a patient will have and what treatments can make them look younger.  A forty year old will need X, a 50 year old will need, X + Y, an 60 year old will need X +Y +Z, and so on.

There are always two choices, surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments.  Non-surgical options usually include neurotoxins, injectable fillers, skin care and non-surgical skin tightening.  These options make a difference and are also important for maintenance but they do not anything for significant volume loss and skin excess.

This leads us into the next topic and which is surgical correction of face and neck aging.  Unlike non-surgical options, cosmetic facial surgery is indicated for skin excess due to aging and moderate to severe volume loss.  Also unlike non-surgical procedures, surgical treatments are much more dramatic and longer lasting.  So what do we need?

Again, most options are age related and most patients over 45 are good candidates for “3 L’s and a C”.  That is Lift, Lids, Laser and Cheeks.  This means that most of us,  as we approach our fifth decade on the planet,  can benefit from a:

  • Lift = Facelift to correct excess neck skin and jowls.
  • Lids = Eyelid surgery to correct skin excess, fat bags and wrinkles.
  • Laser =Laser skin resurfacing-to improve skin wrinkling, age spots and sun damage.
  • Cheeks = Cheek Implants to restore youthful volume in the midface

Some patients may also benefit from other procedures such as brow lift or chin implant.  This “3L’s and a C” does not mean that every patient needs this surgery (or wants it), but it does describe the most common group of procedures that I perform.  Due to this, it is a good place to begin when you look in the mirror and realize you need a tune up.

Again, every patient is different and diagnosis and treatment is based upon individual personal consultation.  As different as we are, we all are similar and subject to similar aging and aging treatments.  For more information about lifts, lids, lasers and cheeks, visit


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