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Facelift with Combination Procedures: The Key to Natural Results

Some patients present for face and neck lift only.  It is not uncommon to undergo other simultaneous complimentary cosmetic facial surgery procedures.  This video discusses a case of face and neck lift, cheek and chin implants, brow lift and laser skin resurfacing. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit

Dr. Niamtu Hosting a Webinar on the Syneron-Candela Core CO2 laser

See information below and click on image for registration information Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia

Our Newest Laser

We now have 6 lasers in our office and we have added a new device to our laser lineup, the Syneron/Candella Core laser. This is the latest technology in laser resurfacing that produces maximum results with less downtime. This laser can perform the lightest treatments that heal in 3-4 days as well as traditional laser […]

Core Laser: A New Platform for Maximum Skin Rejuvenation with Less Downtime

In this day and age there is much hype about rejuvenation.  Many doctors, companies and devices promise maximum results with minimal downtime and so often this is a myth.  I have recently begun using the Core CO2 laser by Syneron/Candela and have been very excited with the device, results and downtime.  It is important for […]

Sun Damage: It’s What You Can’t See that is Bad

We all know that sun exposure does bad things to the skin.  It causes premature aging, wrinkles, brown spots and sometimes malignant cancers.  All adults and even young children have sun damage that you can’t see with the naked eye. Ultraviolet light enhances epidermal and dermal melanin and what shows up is usually enough to […]

Recent TV commercial by Dr. Niamtu on laser resurfacing

TV commercial where Dr. Niamtu talks about removing decades of aging with laser resurfacing

Dr. Niamtu met the man that invented lasers

DR. CHARLES H. TOWNES:  I MET THE MAN THAT INVENTED LASERS One of my proudest handshakes was with Dr. Charles Townes. This guy pretty much invented the LASER. That includes the one on your key chain, the ones I treat patients with and the ones on our military aircraft. Talk about a cosmetic surgery super […]

Dr. Niamtu was part of the Faculty at national laser meeting


Dr. Niamtu’s article in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery

Dr. Niamtu described a technique to enable digital photography and software to be used with UV light to evaluate facial pigmentation abnormalities and aging changes. This is very useful in deciding the appropriate laser treatment and is the first description of this method in the scientific cosmetic literature. This article was published in the Journal […]

Dr. Niamtu article about multiple pass, high energy laser skin resurfacing

In September 2008, Dr. Niamtu published an article proving that multiple pass, high energy laser skin resurfacing could be safely performed without wiping away the char layer (burnt skin). Previous to this article it was thought that leaving the laser char would complicate the result but Dr. Niamtu performed the first human histologic study in […]