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Dr. Niamtu is Keynote Speaker at The Science and Art of Facial Makeover in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium 2014
Teaching is one favorite parts of my profession and I generally speak 10-20 times a year in different cities and or countries.  All speakers realize that every time they attend a meeting to speak, they also are listening to other lectures and hence learning.  Learning is a part of teaching and I love doing both.

It was my honor to be the Keynote Speaker at The Science & Art of Facial Makeover which is an international meeting in Brussels Belgium.  Dr. Maurice Mommaerts is the organizer of the meeting and is very a very well-known European surgeon.  Jorge Perez who is a well-known plastic surgeon from Ft. Lauderdale is the other keynote speaker and has given some great talks.

I opened the meeting this morning with a 90 minute presentation “Lids, Lasers, Cheeks and Chins” which was obviously about cosmetic eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing, and facial implants.  Dr. Perez also presented on blepharoplasty and there we other really interesting talks from other surgeons from across the globe.  These included great lectures on nose surgery, liposuction, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and facelift.

On the second of the conference I spoke on otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery), brow lift and facelift techniques.  Dr. Perez spoke on facelift and I had another great day of learning from listening to the other speakers which included transgender surgery, facelift, makeup techniques body dysmorphic disorder.  Like most international meetings there were surgeons from all over Europe and Asia and I made many new friends.

Brussels is a beautiful city and has many structures from the Middle Ages, so if you are a Game of Thrones fan you can identify.  I also had the ability to visit my plastic surgery friend Alex Verpaele and his wife Helga in their hometown of Gent.  This is another beautiful city that is very similar to Amsterdam in its canal system and architecture.


Plastic Surgeon Alex Verpaele and his wife were great hosts in their hometown of Gent, Belgium


Dr. Jorge Perez, a well-known plastic surgeon from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida found some good wine in a city of beer.

One the last day, Dr. Mommaerts was kind enough to provide a personal tour of Brugge.  There is no more “European city” that I have ever visited and none as story book as this.  Truly memorable.

IMG_2589‘Dr. Mommaerts was not only a great meeting organizer, but a gracious host.


Dr. Mommaerts’s hometown of Gent is a fantastic European city with many structures over 1,000 years old.

Also Belgium has over 250 types of beer and they are really serious about it!  Their culture rotates around it and each type of beer is always served in a special glass typical to that brand.  Belgian waffles and exquisite chocolates are on every corner, but it is french fries (served with mayonnaise instead of ketchup) that should be the national food.  The come with every meal and between every meal.  I would imagine that no leaves Belgium weighing less.

By the end of the trip I was looking forward to getting back home to the US and my sons, staff and patients, but Brussels has provided some great lifetime experiences for April and me.


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