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How was your Facelift Experience?

Facelift surgery is my favorite procedure and I performed almost 100 of them last year.  I think that facelift is the ultimate cosmetic surgery procedure for many reasons.  First and foremost, our face is our face!  Yes, the face is the seat of our senses and emotions.  You can hide poor boob, belly or butt surgery, but the face is there for everyone to see.  I don’t think any other procedure can make patients look and feel younger and better than a well done, natural looking facelift.

The buyer must beware, however, as there is a lot of hype about “miracle” facelifts as seen on TV etc.  There is no bargain or compromise on facelift surgery.  Any short cut to try to make it “easier, quicker, shorter recovery” etc. will always have a consequence of less result and or longevity.  Like any other surgery, there is a right way and a “less than right way” to perform facelifts and those surgeons whom take the time and effort to perform the procedure properly have happy, natural looking patients with long lasting results.

This video show an interview with a facelift patient after her surgery and shows her stages of recovery and before and after pictures.

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