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One Day After Facelift

  This patient is shown before and 24 hours after face and neck lift. One of the great things about my job is to see the dramatic changes after face and neck lift surgery.  Sometimes we have to wait several months to see all of the changes (caterpillar to the butterfly).  On the other hand, […]

The 100 Facelift a Year Mark: A Personal Milestone

  Performing 100 facelifts in a calendar year has been a personal goal and yesterday I did my 100th facelift this year to date (will have 109 for the year end).   This is a big milestone for me.  It is actually a big milestone for surgeon who reaches this goal as the average cosmetic or […]

Am I too young for a facelift? What is the best age?

Facelift surgery is my favorite procedure and I am on track to do 100 of them this year. One of the most common questions that I’m asked by patients is “what is the best age to do a facelift?”  There is no single answer as it has a lot to do with heredity, birthdays, and […]

Facelift and Chin Implant: A Powerful Combination

Numerous procedures can enhance the natural results of facelift surgery.  A simultaneous chin implant in the appropriate patient can make a huge difference in the surgical result.  Dr. Niamtu discusses the combination of facelift surgery and simultaneous chin implant. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery […]

Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Having a Facelift?

Dr. Niamtu answers this controversial question. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery Richmond, Virginia

Never, Ever Do A Facelift Unless You Do This! Facelift Misinformation

Like all cosmetic procedures, the Internet contains a lot of misinformation about face and neck lift.  Unfortunately, many doctors try to make this a “magic” procedure by omitting critical steps that can be the difference between a natural and long lasting result or a short cut procedure with short cut results. A shortcut facelift can […]

Facelift with Combination Procedures: The Key to Natural Results

Some patients present for face and neck lift only.  It is not uncommon to undergo other simultaneous complimentary cosmetic facial surgery procedures.  This video discusses a case of face and neck lift, cheek and chin implants, brow lift and laser skin resurfacing. For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit

How Do We Treat Fat During Facelift Surgery?

One question I frequently is “does a facelift help fat”.  The answer is a resounding yes.  A large part of the face and necklift procedure concerns fat management and sculpting.  The video below discusses and details fat management in facelift surgery. For more information about face and neck lift or cosmetic facial surgery visit […]

How Long Will My Facelift Last?

One of the most common questions in cosmetic surgery is “How long will my facelift last?” I discuss this question in the video below For more information about cosmetic facial surgery visit

What is a “Full Facelift”

Patients often ask “Do I need a full facelift”?  The term “full faceilft” is a myth of sorts and Dr. Niamtu discusses this and explains how old unnatural looking facelifts have evolved into modern safe and natural procedures. For more information on facelift or cosemetic surgery visit Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial Surgery […]