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The 100 Facelift a Year Mark: A Personal Milestone


Performing 100 facelifts in a calendar year has been a personal goal and yesterday I did my 100th facelift this year to date (will have 109 for the year end).   This is a big milestone for me.  It is actually a big milestone for surgeon who reaches this goal as the average cosmetic or plastic surgeon may perform 10 or less lifts a year.  Since I only do head and neck cosmetic surgery (no boobs, bellies or butts) my volume is much higher than many surgoens.  This also puts my total number of facelifts over 1,200. For the past 15 years we have hovered in the 80 per year mark.  Face and neck lift surgery has become my favorite procedure and my practice has grown into a national and  international patient base.  After doing facial surgery for over three decades, I am proud that this has all come together and it makes me love to come to work and never want to retire.    Very few facelift surgeons attain this volume and I am honored to be in the ranks.  My staff and I have worked hard for our two main principles which are patient safety and natural results.  I also have the greatest patients in the world and it is such a joy to make them look younger with improved self esteem.  I feel that facelift surgery has the largest impact of any cosmetic procedure for several reasons.  A patient can disguise mediocre breast or belly surgery with clothes, but the face is out there for everyone to see and the patient sees it forever.  Facial surgery also evokes more emotion as it is literally “ourself” and our expression.  This happened in the same year that my new textbook on face and neck lift was published.  2019 has been a great year!

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