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Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge: Fail!!

About a year ago, the Web began to buzz with something called the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and it was an extremely positive, noteworthy and effective promotion to benefit ALS research.  Today there is a new challenge, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.  This involves people placing a shot glass or other vessel (a baby bottle will do) and creating a vacuum for 5 minutes.  This is actually not a new thing and has been a party trick as long as there have been people, alcohol and shot glasses.



The lips are sucked into a shot glass or similar bottle to produce swelling.


The mechanism of action is that the high vacuum causes blood and cellular fluid to be pulled to the surface by the negative pressure.  The lips are very rich in blood vessels (this is why they are red) and the vessels engorge, leak and along with other fluid swell to giant proportions.  The negative pressure phenomenon can also pull enough blood out of the vessels and tissues to create immediate or delayed bruising.  This is the exact same process that produces a “hickey”.


Unfortunately, many young people actually think that this is how Kylie enhances her lips.  Although I don’t know her and have not treated her, I can promise you that this is not an effective or safe treatment.  In most cases the lips probably swell, bruise and then heal with the person saying “I won’t try that again”.  This IS NOT A SAFE Thing to do! By placing the extreme vacuum on the lips they become engorged with blood and fluid and severe bruising can occur.  When severe bruising happens, some of the pigment in the blood (hemosiderin) can stay in the tissues long after the swelling resides and cause long lasting or permanent pigmentation problems.  The lips are very fragile structures and the extreme swelling could also cause lacerations, tissue death and loss (necrosis) and scar tissue.  In short, there are not positive cosmetic effects of this fad and it could easily have a negative effects.


maxresdefault (1)  kylie-jenner-lip-challenge-cut-lip

The above images show bruising, severe swelling and lacerations from people trying the lip challenge.

Young females must also realize that although Kylie Jenner may have beautiful lips, they may or may not be natural.  I spend much of my professional life injecting filler into female lips and this is a safe and easy procedure that Kylie may also embrace.  Also, makeup and Photoshop can do things that are not reproducible on the average person.


Kylie has nice lips, but a lot of effort is probably achieved with makeup and possible filler injections.

Voluptuous lips will always be in style.  Lip injection by trained doctors with safe and effective products such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero very safe treatments with natural results.  An additional advantage is these products can be reversed if the patient does not like the result.

For more information on safe lip enhancement click here

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