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Dr. Niamtu discusses Lip Lift on The Aesthetic Channel

About 99% of communication about lip enhancement focuses making lips bigger, and usually involves injectable fillers. However, a surgical lip lift procedure can improve lip and smile aeshetics in several ways………………… Click here to view article

Lip Lift: Small Surgery with Big Results

As we age, the lip often elongates and loses its fullness and curvature.  Also as the lip elongates, it can hide the upper teeth which causes a aging appearance.  The lip lift procedure is a 40 minute operation that reduces the length of the upper lip and rolls the lip up and out providing an […]

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge: Fail!!

About a year ago, the Web began to buzz with something called the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and it was an extremely positive, noteworthy and effective promotion to benefit ALS research.  Today there is a new challenge, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.  This involves people placing a shot glass or other vessel (a baby […]

Video of Dr. Niamtu Performing a Lip Lift

Click the video below to see a very short video of Dr. Niamtu performing a lip lift. (caution: contains actual surgical footage)

Video of Dr. Niamtu Performing Laser Resurfacing of Lip Lift Incision

The lip lift procedure is a simple means of shortening the upper lip to provide more pout and enhance aesthetics. The procedure also allows the patient to show more teeth when talking and smiling. Although many patients heal fine without the laser, those patients who desire a more aesthetic scar can be treated with the […]

Lip Reduction:Sometimes Needles are Not Enough

A lot of attention gets paid to lip enlargement but there are a large number of patients that aren’t interested! Contemporary cosmetic surgeons and practitioners are well aware of the art and science of lip enhancement using injectable fillers.  For those of us who have been doing this longer than 10 years, we remember the […]