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Really Large Eyelid Bags!

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The eyes are called the “seat of the soul” and are one of our most attractive features in youth.  Studies have shown that when we first view a person, we make hundreds of subconscious impressions based upon the persons features and invariability, the first thing we look at are the person’s eyes.

As we age, we experience changes with the skin, bone, muscle and fat of the eyelid regions.  On of the main changes that happens is the development of “fat bags” especially on the lower eyelids.

The eye is naturally surrounded by a generous layer of fat to protect and cushion the eyeball.  As we age, the tissues that normally keep the fat in place begin to weaken and the fat protrudes and becomes apparent.  In addition, the skin of the eyelids becomes very wrinkled.

Cosmetic blepharoplasty is a procedure that reduces the protruding fat and rejuvenates the aging skin.  Dr. Niamtu performs blepharoplasty with lasers which prevent bleeding and enable faster and less painful recovery with minimal bruising.  He also employs a surgical approach that keeps the laser incision scar inside the lower eyelid so it is not visible.  This video shows a patient with very large lower eyelid (and upper) bags being treated by Dr. Niamtu with the CO2 laser.  This case represents extreme fat protrusion and the patient has much less fat to be reduced.

This video show actual surgical footage and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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