The Polls are Open !

My staff and I love our job!

Your confidence has allowed us to win first place for Best Cosmetic Surgeon from Virginia Living Magazine numerous times over the years. Winning this award underlines our commitment to you and we once again ask for your vote by following the directions below:
Scroll down and click on “click here to get started”
Enter your email address in “email address” box
Click on “Central” 
Click on “Next”
Scroll down to #38 Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice, City and enter “Dr. Joe Niamtu, Midlothian” 
Click on “Next” at the bottom of the page
Scroll down to #106 (Va Living requires a response to this number-enter anything you want)
Click on “Next”
Click on “Submit Survey”
Once you see “Thank you for Voting” your vote is successful!

Dr. Joe & Staff