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One Young Man’s Success with Otoplasty

Although much of the visible reward of my job is immediate, sometimes great things don’t happen immediately. Cosmetic facial surgery not only makes people look better, it also makes them feel better about themselves. When I get a letter like the one below, it truly underlines why I love my profession. There are few better feelings knowing your skills have made an impact on someone’s life.

I met Ben Sinko in 2010 when he was 10 years old. He was a cute, energetic and talented young man who was teased about his protruding ears. I performed otoplasty on Ben that year and he not only sent me this before and after picture.

Fast forward 7 years and Ben sent us the high school pictures below. As you can see from his letter below, he has matured into a really handsome and award winning athlete. Look out girls!

I come to work and do cosmetic surgery every day and go home and continue to work on my website, blog, patient before and after pictures, scientific publication and lectures. In many respects I am a workaholic but when I get letters like the one below, it makes it all worth it.

My name is Ben Sinko, I am 17 years old and otoplasty changed my life. Although a slight change to my appearance seems materialistic, the surgery has been nothing but positive in my experience. Having the surgery when I was only 11 years old, I didn’t expect much out of it. As an elementary schooler, insecurities were starting to grow and my ears always seemed to be the culprit. For example, I remember every time I would get my picture taken, I would try my hardest to cover my protruding ears with my hair. My parents and I both knew this haircut couldn’t stay forever, but I insisted on my ears being hidden.

Then we heard about Dr. Joe; “an award winning cosmetic surgeon with the main goal to improve your quality of life.” It was a blessing when we found out about otoplasty, and even more of a blessing when we found out Dr. Joe can do it. We made an appointment and traveled from Michigan to the beautiful state of Virginia. My first time meeting Dr. Joe he treated me like a brother. It was comforting to go into surgery with full trust in the person who was going to be operating on me, and even as an 11 year old, Dr. Joe reassured me that I had nothing to worry about.

After my surgery, I quickly recovered and my life was back to normal but with one extra thing; my ears were pinned back. Returning to school with new ears was like a breath of fresh air, and I quickly forgot about the problems I once had. It has been 6 years since the surgery, and my life continues to bloom. I recently finished my senior year of high school football, being a two-year varsity captain and I was nominated as an “all-league” defensive player. I love to fly fish, ski, I have plans to attend Grand Valley State University to receive a degree in computer engineering, and thanks to Dr. Joe I can do all of this with confidence.


Ben Sinko

When Ben was 10 years old, he also built me a bird house with hinged ears that could be moved in an out. Now that is art.

Thanks Ben, for sharing your story, you have truly made my day.

Joe Niamtu, III DMD

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