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Captain Scott Kelly: an American Hero

Last week I had the opportunity to support the Virginia Home and meet Captain Scott Kelly who holds the record for the most accumulated days in space which is 382 days!

He commanded 4 space flights on the International Space Station and scored a record 340 days in space in 2015.  Scott has a twin brother Mark who is also an astronaut and the Kelly brothers are the only siblings to have traveled in space.

Captain Kelly is a really down to earth guy (absolutely no pun intended) and is like talking to the guy down the street.  I told him that as a cosmetic facial surgeon I was interested in the effects of extended lack of gravity on the face and skin.  He said that due to fluid shifts from the zero gravity environment that his face swelled and his wrinkles actually improved………at least till he landed.  Captain Kelly spent the morning at the Virginia Home and was truly humbled by the bravery and challenges of the residents.  He stated that his accomplishments pale in comparison to those with such challenges.  He truly meant that.

The Virginia Home is a unique organization in our city that accepts citizens with severe disabilities.  This is one of the most innocent groups of people that frequently get the short end of the stick in society.  Without a place to go and receive the intensive care required for them to prosper, many would literally not be alive.  If anyone reading this blog ever wants to make a donation to an organization that truly makes a difference, then this is the place.  Information on donations or volunteer opportunities can be found at

I am quoting from their website

The Virginia Home provides loving, lifelong residential care to adults with permanent physical disabilities. Each member of our care team is committed to service with dignity, dedication, and compassion for the 130 residents who live here.

Ours is a private, non-profit organization licensed by the Commonwealth. Any Virginian over 18 years of age who is diagnosed with an irreversible physical disability and qualifies for nursing home care under the laws of Medicaid may seek admission to The Virginia Home. But this is more than a nursing home — much more.

One-half of the residents here are under age 50, and the staff-to-resident ratio is 1.8 to 1. The Virginia Home provides a broad range of restorative services, round-the-clock nursing care, personalized dietary and nutritional services, and individualized case management.

This is a home — a real home — with residents who work, go to school, and volunteer in the community. We attend religious services at The Home and in the community. We raise money for disaster relief and humanitarian efforts. We play bridge, attend concerts, listen to lectures from civic leaders, and bask in the beauty of Byrd Park. On Tuesdays The Virginia Home ‘Wolverines’ play hockey. On Thursdays the women get their nails done. On Fridays we head to Movie Night. We live our lives like you do, with friendship, love, laughter, and community.

This was a great evening to benefit a most worthy community gem and meed a true american hero.

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