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Dr. Niamtu’s New Textbook Receives Near Perfect Rating by Doodly’s

My new text book (2nd edition 0f) Cosmetic Facial Surgery was published in January of this year by the plastic surgery division of Elsevier, the world’s largest textbook publisher.  In the medical publishing world there is a company called Doody Enterprises that provides reviews of new books.  I quote from the Doody website:  “Since 1993, Doody Enterprises has been the most trusted source of timely, expert reviews of newly published books, print and electronic, in the health sciences. We specialize in timely, targeted information update services for health sciences librarians and busy healthcare professionals that combine customized weekly literature update emails with content-rich websites.  To provide these unique information services, Doody Enterprises has forged successful relationships with more than 250 book publishers in the health sciences and established a network of more than 7,500 academic health sciences professionals as expert reviewers”.

Although not all new books get to be reviewed by the company, those that are lucky enough to be selected for review hope for a positive review.  This is much the same process as “5 Star” restaurants.  I was both humbled and honored to receive a 96/100 points for a nearly perfect score.  I poured my heart and soul into writing this book and it was a great feeling to see the positive review.  This is an exciting day for me and the other contributors to the text.

Click to view full PDF and actual score sheet

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