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My Valentine’s Day Story: The Most Important Surgery I Ever Did in My Life!

In 1993 a beautiful 27 year old blonde came to my office, referred by her sister, for a consult for a torn earlobe.  Although this is an easy surgery, according to my staff, I seemed to perform an extremely lengthy consultation which lasted much longer than our usual torn earlobe consult.  Hey………..I was just being thorough!!  Her name was April and below is the actual earlobe and repair.  Pretty darn nice surgery if I do say so myself!

The Surgery that changed my life!


My staff also thought it was strange that I schedules 10 post operative appointments, but hey, I really care about my patients 🙂

Then………I happened to run into April at Innsbrook After  Hours later that week and this is our first official picture together. She was living in St. Croix, and I thought that I may not see her again.  So I really had to turn on the bald guy with a rat tail charm.

First official picture of April and Dr. J


She came back to Richmond and we hung out again.

That was it!  I was smitten and knew that at the ripe old age of 47, I was going to marry this girl.  Fast forward to July 4th, I proposed under the big tree in my backyard and tied the knot on December 19th, 1998.  Obviously the best decision I have ever made.

Wedding day 12-1998

My love is my best pal, and has given me two beautiful sons and a stepson.  April is a great wife and an awesome mom.  Being the mother of two special needs children, she wears many more hats than the average mom and includes, mom, nurse, physical therapist, hospital and doctors office transportation.  She has spent countless hours in emergency rooms and ICU’s and doctor’s offices and has not once complained.  She exemplifies the word “Mom” and is such an awesome mother, brings so much love to our family.

We have traveled the world together (6 continents so far) and I can still make her laugh every day.  She is my biggest supporter and harshest critic.  She makes me better.

On this Valentine’s Day (and on behalf of Joey, Evan and Steve) , I want to say “I (we) love you April” and you continue to make our lives better.




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