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Music Legend (and personal hero) John Prine dies of Coronavirus at age 74

Either you knew who John Prine was or you did not.  If you did, you appreciated his folksy, country songs that told stories, sometimes with many meanings.  I first heard a John Prine song from my California buddy George Keene in the mid 1970’s.  Prine was a Chicago mailman who wrote songs while walking his […]

Buffalo Bills Great Thurman Thomas Jersey Retirement Ceremony

I have been lucky in my life to call numerous Buffalo Bills friends.  Among them Jim Kelly (fromw I met everyone else), Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Chris Mohr, Steve Tasker Andre Reed,, Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennet are some of the greats of the golden age of the Bills. I have had the pleasure to watch […]

My Valentine’s Day Story: The Most Important Surgery I Ever Did in My Life!

In 1993 a beautiful 27 year old blonde came to my office, referred by her sister, for a consult for a torn earlobe.  Although this is an easy surgery, according to my staff, I seemed to perform an extremely lengthy consultation which lasted much longer than our usual torn earlobe consult.  Hey………..I was just being […]

Roger Goodell is Alive and Well and I can Prove it!

Several days ago NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Twitter account was hacked, stating that he had died. This happened to Mark Twain (way before Twitter) and when he read his obviously incorrect obituary. His classic response was “the announcement of my death was greatly exaggerated” So was that of Commissioner Goodell. As evidenced by this photo, […]

Niamtu Makes TMZ: Gets his 15 Seconds of Fame

Last week April and I joined our buddies Thurman and Patty Thomas for his surprise birthday party in Cancun.  The 50 year old Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back was surprised by over 70 guests from all walks of his life.  Thurman and Patty and their 4 beautiful children are some of the nicest […]

Happy St. Patty’s Day from Team Niamtu “It’s all about that green!”


Garth Brooks is the Nicest Performer in the World.

Last year I had the pleasure to meet and spend some time with Garth Brooks while he was in Richmond to film some promotional commercials for the Commonwealth. This guy meets about a million people a year, but that evening he acted like my wife and April and I were friends he knew all his […]

Football Hall of Fame 2014

Having grown up in Canton, Ohio I have always been a fan of the NFL Hall of Fame which opened during my childhood.  I don’t go every year, but have been to the annual enshrinement many times including for my buddies from the Buffalo Bills, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and this year Andre […]

“Saving” Frank Sinatra

Recently, Open Source RVA posted a story by David Brumfield on entertainers that were injured in Richmond over the years.  Sort of a recap of mayhem that befell star performers that graced our city. One of the items was Frank Sinatra collapsing on stage at the Mosque on March 6th, 1994 and being attended by  several […]

In Memory of Dr. Richard E. Fitzpatrick

On the Shoulders of Giants    Dr. Rox Anderson on left and Fitz on the right in March of 2014 and at the ASLMS laser meeting several years ago. I was extremely saddened to see the passing of Dermatology and Human icon Richard E. Fitzpatrick. In every profession, you can sift through the total membership […]