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Music Legend (and personal hero) John Prine dies of Coronavirus at age 74

Either you knew who John Prine was or you did not.  If you did, you appreciated his folksy, country songs that told stories, sometimes with many meanings.  I first heard a John Prine song from my California buddy George Keene in the mid 1970’s.  Prine was a Chicago mailman who wrote songs while walking his route.  He would sell out the Mosque (Richmond Landmark Theater) every time he came which was every several years.  He had a lot of local fans.

John Prine at the Richmond Mosque from the second row sometimes in the mid 1980’2

Although many people never heard of him, he was a legend in the Nashville music scene and a favorite of Bruce Springsteen, Kris Kristoferson and Bob Dylan.  The latter two were his music influences.  John could write about some stupid old subject for a laugh or have songs with deep meaning and imagery.  If you never heard his music,  download one of his greatest hits albums, play it twice and you will be hooked.  He has been a favorite of mine for almost 30 years and his guitar songs were easy to play (even for me).  Everyone reading this knows the feeling one has when you appreciate an artist so much, it seems like you know them personally.  I feel like I lost a friend.

RIP John Prine!  One of his most famous songs was “Please Don’t Bury Me, Down in That Cold Cold Ground.  Hope he got his wish.

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