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“Scarless” Mole Removal

For better or worse, I spend a large part of my free time putting together before and after pictures.  It makes me a better surgeon as it allows me critique and showcase my work.  I just put this case together and it brought back a lot of memories.

When I first went into practice I noticed that many patients were coming into my office with unsightly scars from mole removal on the face and neck.  Most of these poor scars were from over treatment with liquid nitrogen or from surgical excision with stitches.  I experimented with several new technologies at the time including various lasers and found my solution with radiowave surgery  Since then, I have treated many thousands of lesions from patients all over the US and many internationally.  Using radiowave technology has been the treatment of choice in my career due to the fact that it provides such great results with minimal scars.  In reality there is no such thing as scarless mole removal but this is the closest I have seen and my hundreds of before and after pictures on my website

Any suspicious lesion should be biopsied.  This is especially true for pigmented lesions, lesions that change or grow and new lesions appear and persist.  I see my dermatologist for a full body mole check and recommend the same for all of my patients.  Radiowave mole removal takes only minutes (including biopsy) and can be covered with makeup in a week.  Every week I see a patient who has lived most of their life with an unsightly mole or lesion because one of their doctors told them that the “removal would leave a scar worse than the mole”.  I have disproved this almost daily for 3 decades.

So fortunate to have a job I love.

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