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Plastic Surgery Photography for the Patient and Surgeon

High quality, standardized pictures are an important part of cosmetic facial surgery diagnosis.  Digital technology and more recently, the pandemic has increased virtual consultations.  It is not common for patients to email or text images to inquire about prospective surgery or rejuvenation.  It is imperative to send high quality pictures in order to begin conversation about surgical options.  Sending the proper pictures can greatly increase the surgeon’s preliminary diagnoses. Many patients will attempt to send quick selfies which are most often not diagnostic.  Following simple steps described in the video below can greatly increase the ability of the surgeon to pre evaluate the patients situation.

This second part of this video is also important for doctors who take before and after pictures.  The Internet and social media is unfortunately over run with deceptive photography.  This is a big problem as many patients don’t recognize deceptive photographic practices and may be lured to a cosmetic procedure or technique based upon unscrupulous photography.  Understanding what constitutes standardized cosmetic photography is very important in patient decision making.

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