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Small Aging, Small Lift, Happy Patient

Before                                                                                                                After

Before                                                                                                                    After

Although some before and after facelift pictures show an incredible difference, others illustrate a smaller change.  The smaller cases are usually seen in patients that have mild to moderate face or neck aging, however, many of these patients have a hereditary predisposition for early aging.  “I know where this is going, my mom and my aunts all had early onset facial aging and I want to be proactive on it.”  These are words I commonly hear.

Good facial surgeons turn away many patients who are not ready for a facelift and I usually turn away several patients a week.  They are too young or don’t have enough aging to undergo surgery.  The change would be unnoticeable and not worth the expense.  Sometimes they are unhappy with my decision, but they don’t realize that I am doing them a favor.  I also tell them that if they look hard enough they will find a surgeon who will do it and they should beware.

The above patient is a good example of  someone with small aging changes but who wanted to address them before they became too noticeable.  In such cases we have small aging, a smaller lift, but nonetheless a very happy patient.  There is a right and wrong time to perform and facial procedures.

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