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Video of Dr. Niamtu performing the Mini Open Brow Lift

The video below shows Dr. Niamtu performing the Mini Open Brow Lift.  It is actual surgical footage and may be too graphic for some viewers.  If you are sensitive to this type of material, view at your own discretion. The Video below shows a mini open brow lift patient 6 days after surgery

Dr. Niamtu and Brow Lift Education

Dr. Niamtu has published a 1,000 page comprehensive textbook on cosmetic facial surgery which includes a large chapter on his browlift techniques.  Few surgeons receive the honor to publish such a text with a major medical publisher like Elsevier . Dr. Niamtu lectures frequently on brow and forehead lift surgery.  The photo to the left shows […]

The Eyes are the First Thing to Go!

I love what I do for a living; I make people look and feel younger.  My practice ranges from 4  year old children with protruding ears to 80 year old facelift patients and everything in between. I am frequently asked “what is the first cosmetic surgery procedure patients have done?”  The answer is usually pretty […]

Non Surgical Brow Lift with Botox and/or Fillers

Surgical brow lifting is one of my favorite procedures and is the only true way to treat moderate to severe upper facial aging in a natural and lasting manner. I perform this surgery endoscopically and in a “mini open” technique as well. Many patients do not require surgical brow lift and can benefit from injectable, […]

Botox Customization and the Droopy Brow

The discovery of neuromodulators to treat hyperfunctional lines was the cosmetic shot heard around the world and ushered in the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.  When I began injecting Botox in 1996, it was a pretty much unheard of cosmetic therapy and the “pretty poison” was only used by those early adapters.  Back […]

Eyelid Surgery Vs Browlift: What’s it all about?

One of the most common points of confusion in cosmetic facial surgery is  understanding the diagnosis and treatment options between eyelid surgery and brow and forehead lift surgery. Put plain and simple, the brow and forehead are intimately related to the eyelids in youth and aging.  If you look at your picture in your 40’s […]