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How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

A  national magazine called me to interview me on the subjecting of “Choosing Dr. Right”or how to pick a cosmetic surgeon.  During the interview, I wrote down some thoughts and here they are!   In reality there are no absolute criteria for selecting a surgeon and some of the surgeons that have the best qualifications […]

The First Face Transplant in the USA

Dr. Niamtu with Dr. Maria Siemionow  There are a lot of disadvantages of lecturing all over the world in terms of travel, inconvenience and time away from home, but this is greatly outweighed by the advantages of making friends with special people.  While serving as the co-chair of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery meeting in […]

The Art of the Consult

  The cosmetic facial consult is probably the most important time spent during the entire cosmetic experience.  This time is not only important for the patient but also for the doctor and staff.  To appreciate the true nature of the communication the patient and the surgeon must understand each other’s role.  The patient should keep […]