Preceptorship Program

We offer 1-2 week observational preceptorships at our office.  Most surgeons come for 4 days although occasionally we have someone that does a second week.  Dr. Niamtu does not work on Fridays so the average preceptorship is Monday through Thursday and exposes the observer to multiple surgical procedures, evaluations, follow ups and nonsurgical procedures such as fillers and Botox.  Our staff can provide our surgical schedule in advance so the attendee can choose between weeks if her or she desires to observe specific procedures.  We generally perform facelifts Monday and Tuesday and smaller procedures on Wednesday.  Thursday is a day for consults, follow ups and nonsurgical procedures.  You can register below for you desired schedule.

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Preceptorship fees are $2,000 for the first day and $1,000 per day if desired for up to 3 additional days.

Preceptorships include

  • A certificate of completion and procedures performed
  • Daily lunch
  • A private dinner with Dr. Niamtu and his wife
  • Direct observation in the operating room. Observers will not perform any surgery.
  • A memory stick with extensive information including office forms, instrumentation, journal articles, and more
  • 20% off of Dr. Niamtu’s Complete Platinum 4K Video Teaching Series
  • Dr. Niamtu’s cell phone number for future communications
  • Ample personal time with Dr. Niamtu for cosmetic surgery discussions each day
  • Lodging, transportation, and other meals are the responsibility of the attendee.  We have numerous hotels within 10 minutes of the office and Uber service.  For more information about local hotels click here.

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