Dr. Niamtu performs Otoplasty on patients from around the country

Big Ben’s New Look and the Coolest Doctor Gift Ever!

11 year old Ben Sinko hails from Rochester, Michigan and came all the way to Richmond, Virginia for Dr. Joe’s talents.  Ben had been self conscious about his ears and was tired of having special haircuts to hide them.  Ben was so happy with his results that this enterprising wood worker made Dr. Niamtu the most unique gift ever, a bird house with ears.  This was not just any birdhouse with ears, but the ears were on hinges and could be made to be a “big eared” birdhouse or a “small eared”  birdhouse.  It sits in the bush outside my home and the birds are fighting for residency!

Ben before and after otoplasty

Ben’s custom birdhouse with big and small ears