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A Happy Facelift Patient Discusses Her Experience

Cosmetic surgery can improve aesthetics and self-confidence and can be very rewarding to the patient and surgeon. I am so lucky to have so many great patients like the one in this video. Joe Niamtu, III DMD Cosmetic Facial surgery Richmond, Virginia

A Nice Story from A Happy Facelift Patient

Lisa is a very special person who has conveyed her past experiences and how cosmetic facial surgery has changed her life.   “It was 1979, my senior year of high school when I sported a new hair cut; the ‘Dorothy Hamill wedge.’ I even used Prell shampoo she promoted to get the full effect! I […]

Dr. Niamtu performs Otoplasty to help stop bullying

Click here to view Dr. Niamtu’s blog on bullying and cosmetic surgery in children It is never too late to correct protruding ears and Dr. Niamtu routinely performs otoplasty on many adults as well. Depending upon the specific nature of the ear deformity, some excess cartilage is removed and/or the natural cartilage is repositioned. The […]

Dr. Niamtu performs Otoplasty on patients from around the country

Big Ben’s New Look and the Coolest Doctor Gift Ever! 11 year old Ben Sinko hails from Rochester, Michigan and came all the way to Richmond, Virginia for Dr. Joe’s talents.  Ben had been self conscious about his ears and was tired of having special haircuts to hide them.  Ben was so happy with his […]

Dr. Niamtu helps little girl by performing Otoplasty

We were pleased to help this beautiful little girl who without us would not have been able to have surgery

Dr. Niamtu Celebrates 30 Years of Practice and Community Service and Awards 5 “Niamtu’s Heroes”

I finished my maxillofacial surgery residency in July of 1983 and entered private practice in Richmond, hoping to build a successful facial surgery practice.  I had no idea how great this experience would be and that I was building one of the largest maxillofacial practices in the country.  This was due to a lot of […]

“I Love My Facelift”

There are a lot of rewarding parts of my practice but none more enjoyable than the great feeling of making someone look and feel better about themselves.  Our patients are the crown jewels of our practice and we are so lucky to have so many great patients and friends.  This interview with one of our […]

Blind Lady Gets Facelift!

   Although this sounds like a headline from the National Enquirer, it is actually a true story about a very courageous woman who is an inspiration to all of us.  As part of my blog, I enjoy sharing interesting or unusual patient profiles with my readers.  All surgeons are humans and sometimes don’t get much […]