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Dr. Niamtu performs Otoplasty to help stop bullying

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It is never too late to correct protruding ears and Dr. Niamtu routinely performs otoplasty on many adults as well. Depending upon the specific nature of the ear deformity, some excess cartilage is removed and/or the natural cartilage is repositioned. The surgery takes approximately 30-45 minutes per ear and is usually done in our accredited outpatient surgery center with light IV anesthesia.

An actual case of bullying on a little angel

I am honored to be touched by so many awesome patients and more honored to be able to change the direction of negative events in a child’s life (regardless of their parents financial situation) and provide them a better self image and confidence.  I received the following letter from Olivia’s mother.  The letter stated:

“I am so scared about my daughter starting school in September. Some of the bullies we encountered at her ballet class will be there starting school too. I won’t be there to protect her. I just fear the emotional scars that this is going to cause. She is begging to me get her ears fixed. I keep looking for low-cost plastic surgeons but it’s difficult. We live in Oregon and the services in our area are limited and way over-priced.

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Olivia is shown before and one week after otoplasty by Dr. Niamtu

Dr. Niamtu Featured on CBS Discussing Bullied Children and Cosmetic Surgery

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