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A Nice Story from A Happy Facelift Patient

Lisa is a very special person who has conveyed her past experiences and how cosmetic facial surgery has changed her life.




“It was 1979, my senior year of high school when I sported a new hair cut; the ‘Dorothy Hamill wedge.’ I even used Prell shampoo she promoted to get the full effect!

I felt SOOO good, but the feeling was short lived when classmate Rodney walked up to my locker and with deliberate pause slowly scanned my face chin to forehead and said, “Hmmm. Between the hair and nose, you look like Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H.” 

That was a pivotal moment where my self esteem took a blow. To complicate matters, I frequently used prescription cortisone on my face to manage acute eczema outbreaks that thinned the skin causing irreversible damage. Add natural aging to the equation, and as I entered my 50s (I’m 55 now) the image that greeted me in the mirror revealed a ‘devil on my shoulder’ manifest as the internal voice that reinforced the dissatisfaction of my appearance with emotions that ranged from “meh,” to “yuck.”

Simply put, I could hear my late mother’s words of wisdom from a different life circumstance, “As far as we know, this is not a dress rehearsal for the next life. This is it, so carpe diem!” 

I knew I wanted to go forward with some type of cosmetic surgery, and I knew Dr. Niamtu was the surgeon for me. I made the trek from Ohio to Richmond, Virginia and had a face lift, brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eye lids) and laser to treat the deep eczema damage. 

As the swelling diminished and my new face began to take shape (I am 4 weeks post op), something really interesting accompanied this—a dynamic that is difficult to fully explain, but I’ll try. Yes, I look good, and yes, people have offered tremendous compliments. Naturally that is a positive outcome. But it is what others don’t see that is most relevant. I find myself standing a little taller, a bit more confident, and being far less harsh to the 55 year old in the mirror. It is a peaceful feeling that she and I can be friends again.

Putting on make-up is fun again. Not climbing to the back of a family or holiday photo has captured some fun memories with the ‘new’ me. It is not about ego. I was not driven by the many societal pressures about body image. This was gift I gave to myself and I feel great. Oh—-I’ve bumped the devil off of my shoulder. Thanks Dr. Joe for not just lifting my face, but my spirit from within. “


Lisa underwent facelift, brow and forehead lift and laser skin resurfacing. Thank you Lisa for the kind words, this is what makes our job worthwhile…………….and oh ya, Lisa is my sister!

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