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How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

A  national magazine called me to interview me on the subjecting of “Choosing Dr. Right”or how to pick a cosmetic surgeon.  During the interview, I wrote down some thoughts and here they are!   In reality there are no absolute criteria for selecting a surgeon and some of the surgeons that have the best qualifications […]

The Day My Computer Broke!

My trusty and faithful laptop has been acting up ( I curse Windows Vista) for several months and it has been getting slower and slower. I finally could not take it anymore and decided to format the hard drive reload everything and start all over. I must admit that a big part of me simply […]

Can Retin A Kill You?

Sounds like a headline from the National Enquirer!  After decades of safety of use in millions of patients (including this author!), a recent report has raised some eyebrow when a recent study made some alarming claims.  Relax, you are not going to die, but read on to learn some interesting facts that could affect your […]

Evolence: A New Breed of Fillers

Recently, new wrinkle filler called Evolence has been getting a lot of attention, especially after Demi Moore and other Hollywood types have admitted using it. This is an exciting time in cosmetic surgery as many new and effective products have become available.  As the minimally invasive revolution continues, patients find it difficult to take precious […]

Dysport: the new “Botox”

If Allergan’s Botox is Goliath, then Medicis and their new neurotoxin is David.  No one can argue that Botox has enjoyed a monopoly in the United States for past 15 years.  After all, Botox was a true paradigm shift in cosmetic surgery.  Never before, without surgery, could a patient have wrinkles disappear.  The introduction of […]

The First Face Transplant in the USA

Dr. Niamtu with Dr. Maria Siemionow  There are a lot of disadvantages of lecturing all over the world in terms of travel, inconvenience and time away from home, but this is greatly outweighed by the advantages of making friends with special people.  While serving as the co-chair of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery meeting in […]

Latisse & Lovely Long Lashes

Latisse is here! …..and Dr. Niamtu is the first office in richmond to have it!       Grow thick eyelashes and eyebrows in weeks with this amazing new, effective and safe product. Latisse can only be purchased from a licensed doctor and cannot be bought in stores. Dr. Niamtu will offer a $20 discount […]

“On Being on a Magazine Cover”

  I recently had the honor of being featured on the cover of Plastic Surgery Practice magazine.  Usually people get on magazine covers if they do something really good or something really bad.  In this case it was the former.  This magazine profiles leaders in plastic and cosmetic surgery and has featured some of the […]

He’s Just a Dentist!

One thing about life is that there will always be competition and competition can breed deceit, especially in people with little minds.  Some of this is natural and we see it in everyday life.  Washington Redskin fans hate the Dallas Cowboys, Democrats fight with Republicans (and vice versa), religions fight other, and so on and […]