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He’s Just a Dentist!

One thing about life is that there will always be competition and competition can breed deceit, especially in people with little minds.  Some of this is natural and we see it in everyday life.  Washington Redskin fans hate the Dallas Cowboys, Democrats fight with Republicans (and vice versa), religions fight other, and so on and […]

Anesthesia and Cosmetic Surgery

  One of the biggest humanitarian innovations in the history of civilization was the discovery of anesthesia.  Prior to the discovery of ether anesthesia in the 1840’s, people were pretty much tortured during surgical procedures and “bitting the bullet” had a very literal meaning.  The best Civil War battlefield surgeons were those who could most […]

Blind Lady Gets Facelift!

   Although this sounds like a headline from the National Enquirer, it is actually a true story about a very courageous woman who is an inspiration to all of us.  As part of my blog, I enjoy sharing interesting or unusual patient profiles with my readers.  All surgeons are humans and sometimes don’t get much […]

Only Use A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon??

  It seems that cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular topics to read about these days.  Pick up any magazine or paper and you will likely find an article on cosmetic facial surgery.  Same goes for TV and radio; cosmetic surgery is a popular topic. We all know that there are a lot […]

Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Unwanted Lip and Wrinkle Filler

    If you are old enough to have filler injections you are probably old enough to remember the scene from the movie “The First Wives Club” where Goldie Hawn gets lip injections and ends up with wickedly gigantic lips. No one can argue that injectable fillers have added immensely to minimally invasive cosmetic facial […]

Liposuction of the Head and Neck

    If one looks at the advances in cosmetic surgery over the past 20 years, liposuction would be high on the list, if not on top of the list.  Prior to the advent of liposuction there were no simple options to remove accumulations of fat on the body.  Liposuction changed all of that! Liposuction […]

The Word Retarded Should Be More Regarded

Although I generally write about cosmetic facial surgery, the purpose of having a blog is to discuss life.  Having said that, I am writing this piece on the casual and insensitive use of the word “retarded” in our culture. The recent release of the Ben Stiller movie “Tropic Thunder“has elucidated the casual use of the […]

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

  Males and minorities are the fastest growing demographic in cosmetic facial surgery.  Although my cosmetic facial surgery practice is about 90% female, males continue to be a growing group.  There are many reasons for this.  First of all, many more people are openly having cosmetic surgery than in the past as it has become […]

Medical Tourism: Is this an oxymoron?

  With the extreme interest in cosmetic surgery many new avenues have appeared to mix surgery and recovery and medical tourism is one of them.  Medical tourism is the idea of having cosmetic surgery and recovering at a remote destination, usually a luxurious one.  On the surface, this may sound cool, but in reality, who […]