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Dr. Niamtu featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for his work with BOTOX®

Dr. Niamtu  has been injecting Botox since 1996 and was featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for his work with BOTOX® Cosmetic in 1998

Dr. Niamtu speaks about Botox

Dr. Niamtu was also featured in Style Magazine in 2007 about the Botox Cosmetic experiencce Dr. Niamtu has a personal relationship with Drs. Jean and Alistair Carruthers, the pioneers of BOTOX® Cosmetic for cosmetic use in humans. Dr. Niamtu and the Carruthers are involved in several ongoing projects. Dr. Niamtu was invited to speak at […]

Dr. Niamtu discusses the 10th year anniversary of Botox approval

Dr. Niamtu appeared on NBC 12 discussing the Tenth Year Anniversary of Botox Cosmetic approval by the FDA

Dr. Niamtu performs a “Botox Browlift”

Botox for Brow Lifting Botox or Dysport can be used to produce a small amount of brow lift.  Despite what some doctors claim, Botox will not lift the brow as dramatically as a surgical brow lift.  It can, however, produced a noticeable lifting of the brows.  By relaxing the muscles that pull the brow down, […]

Dr. Niamtu on CBS discussing bogus Botox

Dr. Niamtu discusses bogus Botox on CBS news

Dr. Niamtu and Botox/Dysport Education

Dr. Niamtu is very involved in publishing and teaching Botox and Dysport techniques to other doctors.  The following are some of the articles Dr. Niamtu has published on Botox and other neuromodulators. Dr. Niamtu J.  Neurotoxin waste from drawing product through the vial stopper.J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2014 Jun;7(6):33-7. Dr. Niamtu J.  Facial rejuvenation using […]

Articles published in the scientific literature by Dr. Niamtu on injectable fillers.

Dr. Niamtu J. Facial rejuvenation using neurotoxins and injectable fillers. Gen Dent. 2013 Nov-Dec;61(7):38-46 Dr. Niamtu J. Filler Rejuvenation of the Lips and Lower Face. Cosmetic Dermatology. 2012;25:250-52 Dr. Niamtu J. Adjunctive Facial Aesthetic Procedures in Milaro M., Ghali, G.E.,Parsen P., Waite P.eds. Peterson’s Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Third Edition Peoples Medical Publishing […]

Botox for the Gummy Smile

Some patients show excessive teeth or gum (gingiva) when they smile.  This is usually from excess downward growth of the upper jaw and is called vertical maxillary excess.  This is classically treated by oral and maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics.  The surgeon shortens the upper jaw so it is in a more natural position and the […]

Non Surgical Brow Lift with Fillers and Botox

Surgical brow lifting is one of my favorite procedures and is the only true way to treat moderate to severe upper facial aging in a natural and lasting manner. I perform this surgery endoscopically and in a “mini open” technique as well. Many patients do not require surgical brow lift and can benefit from injectable, […]