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Facelift: Platysmaplasty and Submentoplasty

Virtually all but the smallest facelifts require a procedure called platysmaplasty or submentoplasty.  This step is omitted by many surgeons as it is more technically difficult and takes more time.

If you are considering having a facelift make sure to ask you surgeon if he or she will be addressing the midline platysma muscles and submental regions.  A tighter, longer lasting and more natural result will result from these important procedures.  Unfortunately, some surgeons are simply lazy and do not perform them.  A facelift without addressing the midline deep tissues may look fine for a year or two, but when the neck bands and sagging return, patients will wish they had this performed.


The image above shows a left sided platysma muscle.  Dr. Niamtu comprehensively addresses this muscle by tightening the platysma muscle in the center of the neck (this improves neck bands and “turkey neck”) and the lateral platysma which also creates a natural appearing, long lasting lift.  Submentoplasty involves tightening the deep tissues of the floor of the mouth, which is also very important to improve chin/neck aesthetics.  Liposculpture involves sculpting the excess fat in the chin, floor of the mouth, neck and at the border of the jaw.  Some of this fat is “bad fat” and needs removed with liposuction, while much of the fat under the skin is “good fat” and is needed for a natural result.  This fat is not suctioned away, but rather is sculpted to blend in and provide youthful contours of the unique area of the chin, jaw border and neck.  Over treating the fat in this region will make a patient look gaunt or cause irregularities.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.46.33 PM

The above image shows how Dr. Niamtu tightens the aging platysma muscle in the midline of the neck

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