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Facelift Recovery

Like any surgical procedure all patients heal differently.  Most patients require at least 2 weeks of recovery after a bigger lift. Some patients heal faster and some take a few more days.

The patient below is shown throughout her healing process after facelift and laser to lower eyelids and facial scars and is featured in the video below.



The following video follows a facelift patient through 8 weeks of recovery

The video below shows a patient 1 day, 1 week and 3 months after facelift and full face CO2 laser.  Well all patients recover at a different rate, this patient is typical for facelift and laser.

The following video is a patient of Dr. Niamtu’s seen at her 24 hour follow up.  She underwent comprehensive facelift with platysmaplasty, upper laser assisted blepharoplasty and full face comprehensive CO2 laser resurfacing.  This is a good example of a patient with an easier recovery.  Recovery is variable and some patients breeze through and others find it more challenging.  Attitude, family support, preparation and understanding of what to expect can make a big difference.

The same patient is shown at 6 days after her procedure.

The patient below underwent facelift chin implant and lower eyelid laser.  She is shown at 2 weeks after surgery.


The same patient is shown below at 90 days after surgery



facelift-recoveryFacelift recovery must be discussed in relative terms because smaller facelifts have smaller recovery times and larger lifts have bigger recovery periods.  Also there is individual variation between patients.  A patient with a small (“Weekend Facelift”) facelift may only need 4-5 days to recover while a patient with a very large facelift may need 2 weeks or more.  Our average facelift is the minilift and most of these patients are able to return to work or play in about 2 weeks.

The patient shown on the left had a larger (Comprehensive Facelift) facelift and eyelid surgery and is shown 7 days after her lift.  Her before and after picture is shown below at approximately one month after surgery.  Not all patients have this small degree of swelling and bruising.  Some are similar and some have more.


The patient below is shown 2 weeks after comprehensive face and neck lift.

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