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John Small Sings it All

In 1979 I moved to Richmond to begin my residency at then MCV now VCU.  I did not know a soul here and heard that this place called The Tobacco Company was a fun place to go.  I strolled in one Friday night and weaved through a standing room only crowd that was transfixed and […]

Lip Reduction Surgery; Estimating the Amount of Reduction

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III, cosmetic facial surgeon, Richmond, Virginia ( has lectured and published on lip reduction surgery and frequently performs the procedure. One of the most common questions posed by prospective patients is “how much do you take off or how do you decide the amount of reduction?) The following video discusses one method […]

Bullying and Cosmetic Surgery in Children

Cosmetic surgery is my life’s work and passion.  I love doing it, talking about it and writing about it.The way it usually works is that a patient see aging changes and decides to perform elective cosmetic surgery.  A pretty simple cause and effect scenario. There are times, however, when this template is different and one […]

DPN Facial Lesions (“skin tags”) in African-American Patients

DPN stands for Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra and is a common benign lesion in African-American patients. It is usually characterized by multiple, small, hyperpigmented, asymptomatic papules (skin tags) on the face of adults. Histologically, dermatosis papulosa nigra resembles keratosis. The condition may be cosmetically undesirable to some patients and removal is generally simple.  Effective methods include […]

Custom Facial Implants: a procedure whose time has arrived.

Although you hear a lot of people discussing custom facial implants, it is really not a new technique.  I believe I performed some of the first custom facial implants in the State of Virginia as evidenced by the balding young doctor in the 1990 article below. Dr. Niamtu in a 1990 article in the Richmond […]

Diamond Again

For the 5 year in a row, I am extremely proud to have been honored as the only Diamond Level Botox in the Central Virginia region.  This means that I am the largest solo Botox injector in the State of Virginia (of any specialty) and in the 1% of Botox injectors in the USA as […]

Turning the Frown Upside Down

One aging change that is particularly bothersome to women (and men) is the turned down appearance of the corners of the mouth with aging.  This often creates a sad or angry look  and no one likes that.  Although numerous factors contribute to this, the main causes include sagging facial skin and jowl formation pushing down […]

Here Comes the Sun

Several weeks ago, the media outlets were ablaze with the sensational picture of a career truck driver with severe sun damage on his “driver’s side” of his face.  This picture shows his normal aging on his face and neck and the tremendously accelerated aging on the left side.  I guess in some countries, the aging […]

Three “L’s” and a “C”

Every day, all day, I have pretty much the same conversation, mostly with women (but increasingly with men) about facial aging and methods of correction.  Since we are all the same species, we all pretty age in a similar manner.  Genetics and lifestyle definitely influence our aging, but for the most part, I can predict […]

Chin Implants: The Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery Procedure!

Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases statistics on cosmetic procedures and this year a very interesting phenomenon occurred.  Chin implants grew in popularity more than breast implants, liposuction and Botox combined!  The society reported a 71% increase in chin augmentation with the increases in all age groups.  This was great news to […]