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Cosmetic Facial Surgery and Domestic Abuse

Cosmetic facial surgery and domestic violence may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but unfortunately they are sometimes very entwined.   I guarantee, whether you realize it or not, if you are reading this you have friend, coworker or neighbor that is a victim of domestic violence. I practice cosmetic facial surgery and I am also very active […]

Facts on Facial Fillers

 Introduction to Injectable Fillers   The use of Injectable facial fillers is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of cosmetic surgery.  Many advances in have been made in the last 5 years that have led to safer, more predictable and longer lasting fillers.   Historically, surgeons have injected substances into the face […]

Lifetime Skin Care

  As a busy cosmetic facial surgeon I see thousands of patients a year in consultation for various age related problems.  During the consultation we discuss many things related to facial rejuvenation and one of the questions I ask every single patient is “what do you do for your skin?”  The answers vary from “nothing” […]

The Art of the Consult

  The cosmetic facial consult is probably the most important time spent during the entire cosmetic experience.  This time is not only important for the patient but also for the doctor and staff.  To appreciate the true nature of the communication the patient and the surgeon must understand each other’s role.  The patient should keep […]

Mole Removal without Scars?

I would bet that anyone reading this article has at least one mole somewhere on his or her body.  Most of us have many.  For the most part, these flat or raised lesions are known as nevi.  Some people love their facial moles and consider them beauty marks while others disdain these bumps and call […]

Dealing with Acne

Acne is a condition that is misunderstood by many patients and doctors.  First let me say that I am not a dermatologist and anyone with severe acne should see a dermatologist for their unique expertise.  Having said that, I see (as do most cosmetic facial surgeons) many patients with active acne.  In some cases patients […]

Out of Town Cosmetic Facial Surgey

Many patients decide to have cosmetic surgery in a location other than where they live.  Although patients have always traveled for surgery, it has become much more popular with the advent if the Internet.  I have had a web page for my cosmetic facial surgery practice for about 12 years, but it has only been […]

When Doctors Talk Bad About Other Doctors.

Surgeons are no different than other people in society.  There are good ones, there are bad ones and there are jealous ones.  Since many specialties are involved in cosmetic surgery, there is certainly competition.  Realizing this, there will be some surgeons that are very successful and there will be surgeons that are barely making it.  […]

Can Cosmetic Surgery Change Your Life?

I recently came across this article about cosmetic surgery improving the quality of one’s life. An excerpt is shown below. Report: Facial Plastic Surgery Improves Quality of Life Facial plastic surgery improves patients’ quality of life, but the effects are different for men and women, researchers report in the March/April issue of the Archives of Facial Plastic […]

Tell Me About Injectable Lip and Wrinkle Fillers

If you asked a doctor about injectable fillers 20 years ago, the answer would have been easy…..collagen.  Bovine collagen (from cows) was about the only FDA choice for plumping lips and wrinkles.  It worked pretty well, didn’t last very long and required allergy testing a month before injection.  Hard to believe that surgeons and patients […]